Automotive Industry Trends

Automotive Industry Trends

The prevailing trend affecting the automotive industry is technology. Computers, especially, are revolutionizing the way automotive technicians perform their jobs, from diagnosing problems to searching for solutions.

Automotive technology, too, is also continually changing and automotive technicians must stay on top of new developments in engines and other areas of vehicles. More and more, keeping up with new research via trade organizations and journals is becoming increasingly important.

A huge development in the automotive industry is the movement toward more hybrid vehicles. As more hybrid cars are found on the roadways, it is more important than ever for automotive technicians to understand how they work and what makes them different from standard automobiles.

In line with hybrid cars, more and more auto manufacturers are offering their own brand-specific training. Many technicians choose to become certified by Honda or Mazda, for example, and become experts on those particular vehicles.

Another significant trend in the automotive industry is the increase of women in the profession. As auto repair relies more on technology, it is seen as less of a “dirty” job and is more appealing to women.

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